Frequently Asked Questions


How does the spray tan work?

Once inside the portable tent set up in-home, your body will be sprayed with a solution that contains a certain percentage of DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone) a colorless sugar which reacts with the amino acids on the top layer of your skin and over a period of a few hours turns a natural golden brown – into a natural looking tan. DHA is FDA approved, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Is your solution organic?

Yes, our solution is organic, paraben free and vegan (PETA approved)

Where does the spray tan take place?

The spray tan takes place in the best lit area of your home or business. Our portable spray tanning booth that is set up in your home will catch all, if any, overspray that can occur. You will never even know we were there, except that you are left with a convenient mess free tan.

Will my skin turn orange?

No, you will not turn orange. We use high quality products and customize the solution used depending on the clients skin tone and what the client would like as the end result. We are able to customize the tan to be a lighter, medium, or darker looking tan. Whatever color you choose, the end result will be a natural glow.

Do I exfoliate before tanning?

Exfoliation before your spray tan is a must. This will help your tan to last as long as possible. Also, wax 2 days before and shave the day before.

How long does a spray tan take?

Our spray tans take no longer than 10 min. You cannot sweat or get wet for 8 hours after your tan.

How long will my spray tan last?

About 7-10 days. When you are spray tanned the active ingredient is called DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone) which is derived from beet root and essentially bonds to the dry skin cells on your skin. So how you take care of your skin can determine how long your tan will last as well as how it fades. Doing simple things like applying lotion twice a day and blotting off instead of toweling off after showers can help prolong the life tan. We recommend not using Dove or Oil of Olay body washes.

Do you recommend aftercare products?

Yes! We offer scrubs, body wash and tan extenders that all are organic and will prolong your tan.